Our approach

Rising to Ireland’s employability challenge

As the world stepped back as the pandemic hit, we stepped forward. This is our ambitious response to the eight challenges for the Public Employment Services, cited by Department of Social Protection.


Values Approach

We offer a values-based approach focused on respect, honesty and mutual support. We work with our partners to plan sustainability, progression, and succession to help grow their role in our delivery network. We invite partners onto our Delivery Boards and facilitate collaborative approaches to address challenges and continuously improve.


Global Lead Partner

We have financial stability as a well-capitalised global Lead Partner enabling us to reduce the barriers to entry for organisations that cannot acceptthe full risk burden of payments by results contracts.


Ethical Practices

We operate ethical procurement practices, with open and transparent partner selection and management processes.


Co-working Opportunities

We offer co-working opportunities at different levels of scale, autonomy and risk to accommodate community and micro-businesses.


Established Solutions

We have established solutions across our international portfolio that can be leveraged and adapted to local needs, and we offer investment in innovation to support this.


Proven Systems

We have proven systems for efficiency, transparency and personalisation of services.


Capacity Building Programs

We have capacity building programs for ambitious smaller/community organisations to help them build sustainable business models through management support, training programs and business coaching.


Service Integration

We are committed to alignment and integration with existing and emerging services to achieve better individual and community outcomes, driving better value from funding and avoid duplication.


The wider Fedcap Group delivers employability programmes across USA, Canada, Scotland and England. We bring scale and experience to Ireland's unemployment challenges and post-COVID recovery plans. As a progressive delivery partner to national and local governments, we are committed to market stewardship. We work with existing delivery organisations and established structures to enhance local capacity and capability, ensuring sustainable, resilient local delivery networks are in place.

Embracing digital service delivery

Our systems have evolved rapidly during the pandemic to meet the accelerated pace of digital adoption. We have invested heavily in integrated, end-to-end systems that support multi-channel delivery.

Delivery models can be personalised to an individual’s needs and preferences blending face-to-face, telephone, self-serve and digital channels seamlessly. Integrated tools and systems collate and update real-time information at every stage of a jobseeker’s journey - from referral to in-work support - enabling employment advisors to focus on the person, not the process.

Flexibility and adaptability in responding to changing client profiles

The recent pandemic has changed many people’s experience and perception of unemployment, with more than half a million Irish citizens receiving Pandemic Unemployment Payments. There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ jobseeker - every individual’s experience is unique and we reject prescribed routes through services in favour of a personalised approach.

We work with every person to understand their current situation and then to build a plan together that moves them towards and into appropriate, sustainable work.

Ensuring seamless referrals to relevant upskilling opportunities

Current economic conditions in Ireland have resulted in major shifts in key economic sectors, with business and consumer trends changing rapidly, permanently impacting Ireland’s workforce. There are jobs and opportunities, with vacancy rates post-Covid at their highest in recent years but not necessarily in the places they used to be. Our post-pandemic solutions focus heavily on transferability.

We help customers to recognise their transferable work and life skills from previous experiences, providing access to highly relevant new skills in growth sectors to enhance their opportunities. We work with skills providers and sector organisations to understand skills gaps and address emerging needs, building national and local economic resilience.

Co-opting employers into working with the Public Employment Service

We collaborate with partners across the employability sector to provide a unified, professional service to employers in every region we operate in. Working together as a sector we can encourage businesses of every size to search for talent in new ways and new places.

We offer professional recruitment solutions and added value services targeted to employers’ needs - whether high-volume national businesses or local SMEs.

Strategically, we engage employers and industry bodies to understand future demand, accessing labour market information and identifying trends in local and national economic data sources. These insights are built into our programming to ensure provision is demand-led and prepares our jobseekers for sustainable jobs.

Ensuring that the welfare system ‘works for work’

Each of the countries where The Fedcap Group delivers employability programmes has its own approach to welfare policy, and these vary widely. But all share the same goal to enhance economic opportunity for their citizens by supporting those who can to access jobs and build sustainable careers.

We work with governments to tailor our programmes according to welfare policies, with particular focus on those groups and individuals who are too often left behind by labour markets.

Ensuring we follow evidence to prioritise programmes with positive client outcomes

Collaboration across Ireland’s employability and skills sectors is critical to achieve the social and economic outcomes of the Department of Social Protection’s Pathways to Work strategy.

We continuously analyse data and seek feedback from customers and stakeholders to see what is working and what is not, sharing information and insights from our programmes with government, local partners and stakeholders. We bring our networks together to find solutions, drive innovation and continuously improve the services on offer to jobseekers, citizens and employers.

We integrate our services into communities to ensure individuals access support they need across different agencies without access barriers or duplication.

Retaining a medium to long-term strategic focus

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought an urgency to Ireland’s employability agenda. Once its immediate effects have been mitigated, deeper-rooted challenges will remain for the individuals and communities who find their life chances and economic opportunities have fallen further behind.

We bring a depth of experience, proven approaches and person-centred solutions built across almost 90 years' working with people most at risk of poverty and those from minority and disadvantaged groups. We are committed to solving problems, not serving them and we recognise the power of work to change lives.

If you’d like to work with us on tackling these challenges, email us at partnerwithus@fedcapireland.ie or register your interest by filling in our expression of interest form.

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