An ambitious new approach to employability in Ireland

Supporting local communities to thrive

Supporting 250,000 people each year
Supporting one person into work every 9 minutes of the working day
Working with 9,000 different businesses

About us

A fresh approach to employability in Ireland

We’re Fedcap Ireland. We’re a not-for-profit organisation helping people find suitable, sustainable jobs.

It’s our mission to help local communities to prosper – more people in work, employers being more productive and a fairer society.

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Building partnerships

If you would like to register your interest to work with us as a delivery partner on future programs, please complete our Expression of Interest form. This provides us with an overview of your organisation and will enable us to add you to our approved partner network for advanced notification of partnering opportunities in Ireland relevant to your area of expertise.


Values Approach

We offer a values-based approach focused on respect, honesty and mutual support. We work with our partners to plan sustainability, progression, and succession to help grow their role in our delivery network. We invite partners onto our Delivery Boards and facilitate collaborative approaches to address challenges and continuously improve.


Global Lead Partner

We have financial stability as a well-capitalised global Lead Partner enabling us to reduce the barriers to entry for organisations that cannot acceptthe full risk burden of payments by results contracts.


Ethical Practices

We operate ethical procurement practices, with open and transparent partner selection and management processes.


Co-working Opportunities

We offer co-working opportunities at different levels of scale, autonomy and risk to accommodate community and micro-businesses.


Established Solutions

We have established solutions across our international portfolio that can be leveraged and adapted to local needs, and we offer investment in innovation to support this.


Proven Systems

We have proven systems for efficiency, transparency and personalisation of services.


As job trends constantly evolve, so do our programmes. We’re developing comprehensive solutions to ensure Ireland has a confident, skilled workforce with people doing jobs they love. Citizens with the right skills for the modern workplace boost productivity in the 9,000 businesses we work with.

Growing communities

We’re committed to growing the economy, wherever we work. We invest in the most important things – people. We help areas to grow, shape and improve the region’s talent, support people into sustainable jobs, help employers to prosper and drive change to inspire communities to thrive.

Skills and training

We believe education, training and employment go hand in hand. Our education, skills and training solutions equip people with the work skills they need for long and successful careers. They’re designed to inspire people to achieve whatever they want – at whatever stage of their life.

Health and wellbeing

We recognise the factors that stop people from working or pushing towards their aspirational level. Our holistic solutions focus on helping people to overcome their barriers to work, particularly those related to health conditions, and lead to long-term stability and improved quality of life.

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